High School Visual Art Curriculum

Printmaking Projects

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This is an introduction to block printing and can be used as a preliminary activity before moving onto more advanced projects.
Four projects using block prints with potatoes and latex blocks introduce the central ideas behind direct printing and reduction prints.
Projects would cover several weeks in class to complete. 
These activities can be taught on any level from middle school to upper school, depending on the way the projects are set up.  Making decorative hand-printed papers is one approach but there are many applications.  The unit segues into making covers for books,  gift cards, and traditional prints using linoleum blocks.

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Monprinting With Jel Plates

Monoprinting techniques vary and offer a wide range of methods for students to use experimentally.

I have included four videos and many projects can be developed from the middle school level to the IB diploma level using the projects presented in the films.