Secondary Visual Arts Curriculum



Identity Collage

This project works well as preparation for the abstract self-protrait unit. All of these units are about personal identity.

Student examples of this project shown here were all done in research journals.  Students studied modern models of collage and experimented with how they could express something fundamental about their lives using diverse images and materials.

Personal Heraldic Crests

This project uses diverse materials and methods to design and make personal heraldic crests, based on historic models.

Abstract Self Portraits

This unit explores different mediums using the subject of self-portraits.  Students choose their own materials and study the relationship between the medium, the subject, and  historic models.

Mono-prints with stencils

In this unit students will experiment with different mediums that combine stenciling with mono-prints.

The student work to the left began with a mono-printed image, added stenciled shapes, and mono-printed over the top of that.  Because the methods are so flexible, the unit offers excellent opportunities for media exploration and working with the principles of composition.

How to Make a Sacred Object

In this unit, students choose the medium in which they will work.  They look at how different cultures approach sacred subjets and choose a method and subject close to what they most value.

Central to the subjects researched are:  reliquaires, mandalas, and icons.  Students consider how symbols are used as metaphor.